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About Bishop Stanway

Trinity School for Ministry’s first Dean and President, the Rt. Rev. Alfred Stanway, served as a CMS missionary in Tanzania for most of his adult life. When he moved to Pittsburgh to begin Trinity School for Ministry, he brought his love of global mission with him. As Bp. Stanway worked to develop Trinity’s culture and ethos, he built his missionary zeal into the very roots of the school.

Bishop Stanway Portrait“It is important to be led by the Spirit so that we may know the right time to speak; but it is always correct to answer any question about our faith without fear, to say what Christ means to us. If we are willing to speak for Him, the Holy Spirit will show us when to speak, even how to speak. We will be courteous, not argumentative, for we are bearing witness to what we know.”
“We must never adopt a ‘better than you’ attitude. We have nothing to boast of. We are saved by grace, and we are certain that God is willing, in His mercy, to receive others who, like us, will come to Christ.”
Bishop Alfred Stanway
Now I Am a Christian

A decade later, in 1989, the Stanway Institute for World Mission and Evangelism was founded to equip future missionaries and church planters, and to make sure that the Great Commission of our Lord was never far from the hearts and minds of Trinity’s faculty and students.