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Kids of IndonesiaJohn Macdonald and Chris Wendel will be leading a return trip to Singapore and Indonesia from June 21-July 11, 2015.  The Team will be guests of the Anglican Diocese of Singapore and hosted by the Very Rev. Timothy Chong, Dean of Indonesia and the Rev. Henok Hariyanto, a priest serving in Batam, Indonesia.

There are two main purposes for the trip. First is to do children’s ministry in Batam (Indonesia) with urban poor children and rural poor children in West Timor.  The second main purpose of the trip is to get to learn about the various cultures in Indonesia, Muslim, Hindu and traditional Christian, by indo flagtraveling to Batam, West Timor and Bali.

The Diocese of Singapore is underwriting the cost of local transportation (to Indonesia and within Indonesia), lodging in both Singapore and Indonesia, and food.  Team members are responsible for paying for airfare from Pittsburgh to Singapore and return.