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The 2018-2019 Seminary Consultation on Mission Grant Protocols are now available.

The SCOM grant application protocols are now available at the link below.  Please download the file and read through the document carefully.  Allyson Martin and Dr. John Macdonald are available to assist you with any questions you have. 

The final applications have to be submitted by November 3, 2017.  However, please first send your application to either Allyson ( or John ( by October 23.

The Stanway Institute will provide information–proposed dates, description of the trip, budget, etc.–for the Institute sponsored trips this year.  The two proposed trips are:

a) Kenya:  January 3-18, 2018 (tentative dates)

Trip summary:  Fly to Nairobi, Kenya on January 3rd.  From Nairobi the Team will travel to Marsabit, Kenya, on a Missionary Aviation Fellowship flight.  The Team will lead a three-day clergy conference with Bishop Qampicha Wario and the clergy of the Diocese of Marsabit.  In addition to the clergy conference, there will be preaching opportunities in local churches.  The Team will also visit Tumaini Academy, an Anglican school founded by Trinity alumni in Sololo, Kenya, which is on the border with Ethiopia. A two-day stop at a game park is also scheduled.  


b) Indonesia and Singapore:  June 18-July 4, 2018

All travel and lodging within Indonesia and lodging in Singapore is covered by the Diocese of Singapore.

The Team will fly to Singapore and then take the “Fastboat” from Singapore to Batam, Indonesia, which is about a 45 minute trip.  In Batam, the primary work will be to offer English classes in a VBS style to slum children in Baloi Kolam, a district on the island of Batam.  There will also be preaching opportunities and seminars for parents and youth.  From Batam, the team will fly to Kupang on the island of West Timor.  From Kupang, the Team will drive to Soe and the village of Niki Niki in the highlands of the island to work with Christian background children in a 3 to 5 day (length to be determined) VBS-type ministry.  The Team will return to Kupang and do a children’s program at an Anglican church plant in the city.  From Kupang, the team will either return to Singapore for several days or go to Bali for a couple of days before heading returning back to Singapore.

For a video of an earlier trip, please go to the Stanway Institute Home Page.

SCOM Protocols_Grant Year 2018-2019

Student Checklist for the SCOM grant application can be downloaded here:  SCOM – flyer for students

Seminary Consultation on Mission Protocols for 2016-2017

The SCOM Protocols for 2016-2017 can be downloaded from the link below:

SCOM Protocols_Grant Year 2016-2017_9_3_2015

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